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Why Aymakan

AyMakan works to meet customer requirements by adopting the latest technologies that lead to the integration of the various services that it provides in a quickly, easily, and safely manner.


Ease is a reason for you to acquire our services because an easy to handle dashboard could be all you need. Reports, visibility, and communication all come easy in one single dashboard. Ease of communication between partners is key to success.


Flexibility is a very important feature to have in our line of business. Therefore, AyMakan has an agile service level agreement that can fit your business requirements.


AyMakan takes safety to its highest standards. These standards are applied to people and products as well. Multiple insurance options adapted to the market and customer needs.


AyMakan has been providing outstanding services since 2014. However, before AyMakan, we learned the E-stores needs by running our own E-store. Necessity is the mother of invention. This experience made our vision and concept focused on solving e-stores challenges.


Fast is the name of the game in logistics. Therefore, we made our process from A to Z faster than you can imagine. 3 minutes to generate your first shipment with AyMakan (Ready). Ready made plugins for fast and easy integration with most platforms. Less than 24 H lead time to major cities, and less than 48 H average lead time to the rest of the kingdom. 7 days COD transfers.


Scalability is important. AyMakan developed a work process that can keep up pace with your growth pace. AyMakan also built strategies that can effectively confront stressors. An Account manager, and a success specialist assigned specially to each account.

How you Work With Us

An innovative service that provides pre-paid AWBs bundles to emerging stores, or stores with limited products. Ready is here to contribute to overcoming difficulties for all those wishing to start their own stores, without requiring huge sales of the store. Ship now in less than 3 minutes!

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A special application for AyMakan designed specifically to serve individuals with shipping and delivery.

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We believe that the fuel for our progress are our partners who were the main reason in every success and development.