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AyMakan has an integrated logistics structure that was established by working with the best specialists in the field of transportation and logistics. Our interest is focused on understanding the supply chains of our customers in order to provide them specialized and successful solutions.

Cash On Delivery Service

We provide different and verified payment methods: such as Mada, STC Pay, and cash.

Personal Account Manager

A specialized account manager who works on your account in all respects and in an integrated way that supports your success.

Analytics & Reports

Our technical system allows customers to obtain special detailed reports on all their accounts.

Shipment Tracking

Our technical system gives you the opportunity to track shipments live.

Client Success Team

An integrated team that works on your success by supporting everyday operations.

AyMakan Click

A special application for AyMakan aims to serve individuals by providing a door-to-door shipping services.

Aymakan Ready

Innovative service that provides pre-paid packages to start-up stores, or limited stores such as hand- made shops, so that we contribute to overcoming the difficulties for all those who want to start their own stores, without requiring massive sales.

AyMakan GCC

We open the prospects for the growth and success of our Saudi shops to serve their customers in the Arab Gulf with the outstanding quality of “AyMakan”

AyMakan Insurance

To insure your valuable goods while transporting them through the Kingdom, we have allocated AyMakan Insurance to enable you to transport the valuable goods more safely and with full care.

Return Service

The basic process in logistics has already been developed by AyMakan to be integrated through state-of-the-art technical system.

Last Mile

Is the shipments phase starting from the warehouse to the client's hand. The main service (AyMakan) provides, through which it has delivered more than 2 million shipments, with a success rate exceeding 90% to the various cities and regions of the Kingdom including the remote.

Same Day Delivery

We allow you to have a unique customer experience by providing you the same day delivery feature.