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We believe that our success is linked to our partners, so we walk side by side with them to rise to the top of our ambitions and achieve our common aspirations.

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From scratch we opened the door of possibilities And we doubled the chances and fought a lot Let's tell a 'success story'

Al Rajhi Bank

"AyMakan" was able to achieve a pioneering partnership with "Al-Rajhi Bank" by adopting a business plan that includes pillars for its banking logistic services, including:

Safety and protection of parcels

Access to various regions of the Kingdom

The ability to quickly and accurately expand operations

Security and ensuring the identity of the recipient of the parcels

Accuracy of deliveries

Delivery speed


The retail sector is one of the most growing sectors, as it is witnessing promising opportunities due to the great shift towards E-commerce, and here comes our role in “AyMakan” to complete the successful experiences of our customers in their E-stores by providing a superior delivery service that makes the E-shopping experience more preferential for customers.:

  • A wide network of economic delivery centers covering various regions of the Kingdom.

  • Distinguished management of exchange and reverse pick up.

  • A delivery application designed according to the best user experience, and it can be customized.

  • Competitive prices for high quality service.

  • Live reports on the movement of shipments.

Our Success Partners

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